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75 W. 61st Street Westmont IL 60559

Clarendon Hills, Illinois


House remodeling




Kitchen: Remodeling
Bathroom: Remodeling
Hardwood Floor: Installation
Location: Clarendon Hills, IL

House Remodeling - Clarendon Hills, ILLINOIS

This project was completed in Clarendon Hills, Illinois. This house remodeling needed to be finished as soon as possible. Quality and time limit was our priority and we exceeded our client’s expectations. Firstly we did a kitchen remodeling (we opened the space) and bathroom remodeling. That step included appliances, countertops and cabinets installation. Then we did a fireplace remodeling. In the next step we installed hardwood floor then applied a stain and a top coat. Lastly we painted ceilings, walls and carpentry in each room. 

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